Monday, January 22, 2007


I have been thinking and talking too much about PayPerPost until I dream about it! Partly it also due to an email that I received last night. The same post is rejected again for the 2nd time. But I was given the opportunity to edit it and resubmit which I just did. Just hope that I got it right this time.

About my dream last night. I dreamt that one of my posts was totally rejected. No chance is given to edit it. The reason, there is no word “Ladder” in the post. The advertiser requires the word “Ladder” to be in the post. I think my post was about Tesco, and how certain item needs ladder to get it down. I positively remembered that I have the word “Ladder” in my post. Maybe I spelt it wrongly. I felt weird, as I wasn’t given a chance to correct my mistake this time!


michelle said...

You must be earning a lot to have it in your dream. Yeap rejection of post gets to me too. But I will learn to ignore it and move on.

Mama BoK said...

You have to try and relax .. Miche.. ! i think you are dreaming of it.. because you are worried about your financial matters. You really have to try and stay positive at all times.