Monday, January 22, 2007

Car Insurance

I have been driving for almost 10 years and I have never driven on the highway or overtake a large truck unless the truck is moving extra slow. Most truck's drivers are a bunch of rough and hot-tempered man. Not all but most. I am speaking from experience coz I have many trucks coming into the factory I'm currently working at to unload and load goods. When they are not in a good mood, please don't play play with them.

Nowadays, there are a lot of teen drivers on the road and they are very daring bunch of kid. I felt that they don't treasure their life at all from the way they drive. GEICO has added "Teens and Trucks" to its online library at at no cost to families, driving classes, law enforcement officials and state agencies. One of the valuable information for teens is on how to share the highway with large trucks. This information is brought to you by's online insurance is a one stop centre for consumers and insurance companies. For consumers, you want to have more option before purchasing an automotive insurance? Drop by there as there are many insurance companies who will compete against each other to offers their best price.

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