Saturday, December 23, 2006


I am back to my usual routine as hubby is without any helper. We would not see him fully awake if we do not got to the shop. He came home when everybody is fast asleep. We leave home when he is fast asleep. Now due to the flood almost everywhere in Malacca, I do not wanna take the risk to travel with the children to the shop, even though that area is not flooded. BTW, My place is safe coz we live on a higher ground. My kampung is called Bukit Rambai. Bukit is Hill. :D

Read from his blog that Giant is opening this 1st January 2007. Hope that will bring in more customers to our shop and we can finally, really afford to employ a permanent worker.

The funny thing is, when your husband is around there is a helper for you and he will be able to make life easier for you. For 3 nights, hubs was around and I was extra tired. More things to be done. More mess. More clean-up. Children sleep later. I wonder why?

When he is not around, my boy sleeps by 10pm and my girls by 10.30pm. The house is tidy. I will retire to bed by 11pm or earlier.

I think I must list down the DOs and DONTs that I practise.

Usually after the evening bath, I will get my 2nd girl to wear diaper. I won't have time to change her everytime she PU if she wear lampin. Hubs gave her a choice, diaper or lampin, of course she will choose lampin coz it is more comfortable and airy. But then he did not wear it tightly for her. I commented that it might drop. He ignored. Stubborn man he is, which he will never admit! True enough, it dropped. She PU on the floor. She stepped on the PU. She slipped! Then there's mopping to be done. Takda kerja cari kerja!!!


Jesslyn said...

Hey, can start train kiki pee at potty liao since she can understand what u said now.THis will ease your routine too!

mIcHe said...

they fear the potty!...
she understand lotsa stuff but just refuse to tell when she want to pu or poop. even when she already poop inside the diaper, when asked, she said, "no".