Friday, December 22, 2006

Complaining about BIL

I really cannot stand my BIL. He smokes in the house when no one is around. If we are around, he will smoke in the bathroom. When I need to use the bathroom, especially bathing my children, argh...the smell and it is harzedous to my health and my children's. When he eat or drink something , he will leave the empty plate, cup, container or mess lying around whether he eat or drink. When he uses the things in the house, he will just leave it wherever the last place he used. He does not put it back at its respective place. Hello, am I your maid???

He got married early this year and went to stay at his wife's family house. I have very happy that he left. No more mess and no more smokey house.

But when he comes back to the house, he will do the same. Argh!!! I wish I can tegur him!

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