Tuesday, December 26, 2006


They are really getting into my nerves. Partly it is due to PMS. They misbehave, they mess up things, and they are stubborn. Sometimes speaking to them is like talking to the wall. Especially my 2nd girl. She will only hear the things that she wants to listen. When I tell her “No” In the speed of lightning she will do it! I slapped her thigh; she did not make a sound at all. They will only obey if I raise my voice AND take the hanger.

I tried my very best to be soft spoken and gentle but it does not help the situation. They climb on my head. They laugh at me.

I felt guilty after raising my voice at them and canning them. I don’t want to do both. They might think that I don’t love them. Especially my 2nd girl. I know she felt neglected most of the time. She will pretend to be a baby. Behaving like my boy coz she sees I gave my boy lotsa attention. But that behaviour irritates me more.

It is no joke taking care of 2 toddlers and a baby all by yourself. I just hope that I can mend things as soon as possible. Don’t want them to have the memories of having a hot-tempered mommy. Like I do. I got a very hot-tempered dad!

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