Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bunga Telang

Bunga Telang is like morning glory, I think. Dunno the English word for it. It is blue in colour and we use it for the colour. It will be dried under the sun and kept dry until when it is needed. The blue colour is obtained by soaking them in water and then squeeze the juice out. We use it when we make Nyonya Chang, Pulut Tekan and Taibak. Or anything that needs the blue colouring.

Since my MIL admitted to the hospital, I have been plucking the flower every morning. If I don't, the greddy neighbour will. We have 3 bushes of it. I dunno the term but it looks like bushes to me. On Sunday, as I was plucking from the biggest bushes, I saw a small snake rush away the the bushes. It gave me a fright. After that I was extra cautious when plucking, eyes open wider, mana tau if got some more snake!

On Monday morning, I was telling myself, must shake the bushes before plucking. I started plucking from the medium size bushes first. My soul almost jump out of my body when I saw the same snake there! He did not run away until I shake the bushes. Then I continue plucking and telling myself that this will be the last.

Thank God, my mom said that she has enough of it. So no more plucking of that blue flower. Don't want to experience a snake bite!

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