Monday, December 18, 2006


Hubs relative just loves going round our house compound and take whatever she sees or whatever that is saleable!

Neighbour has informed my dad that she saw her pushing a wheel barrow full of starfruit. My dad said that our buah sukun has gone missing. My bird chilli (chili padi) is always green, I wonder where the red ones went to! Thank God that she did not find out we have another one underneath a starfruit tree. If she saw that, sure gone one.

I woke early on a Sunday morning. Saw her going around our banana trees with a parang looking for matured banana. I quickly went out and make myself noticed by her. She turned back and head to her house. I informed hubs about it and he managed to chop down 3 tandans of banana!

Every the coconuts that drop at our compound, she will take.

The land belongs to the family, so she claimed whathever that is on the land hers. Even though the plants are not grown by her. We have not cought her redhanded yet. One day, if I see her in action, this is what I'll tell her.

"If I go to your house and take your things, you like or not?"
"I know this is your grandparents' land, but who plant the trees? Your grandparent or the people currently living in this house?"
"Why are you so greedy???"

I just hope that the above won't have to take place. Don't want the relationship to turn sour too.

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