Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I don't usually blog about work in my other blog. I'll do it here since not many people I know personally read this blog.

Bosses is away again for a holiday. They just came back from China last Tuesday for a 8 days tour and on Sunday they drove up to Penang to enjoy the food there. They will only be back on Friday. So nice hah, people so rich, got lotsa money, can go anywhere, anytime.

But they are not generous towards their fellow staff. Thank God for the salary every month and increment every year. The same amount every year. And the so call bonus, they call it as ang-pow. Besides that, no more annual dinner. I've work in the company for 7 years. We only have company dinner for the first 3 years then....quiet...

Company trip, don't even dream of it for a company that does not offer medical benefits for the worker. You sick, go to government clinic. If you go to the private, your own expenses. The boss said everything is included in the salary. Salary not say very high. I made a remark about it to the lady boss and she said, "Only you can claim. Don't tell the rest!" So far, if I remember I only claim twice.

Annual leave, max 16 days until I retire. Annual leave, the min, 10 days but I got extra 1 day for Christmas. The rest have to work on that day.

I wanted to leave so many times but apart from the above, I enjoy working here. Freedom, the office is mine, no pressure, no politics and every month sure got salary one. There is only 2 clerks under me and I report directly to my bosses. Very near my house too. 5 mins drive only.

Since I am only working to earn for my children's milk, diaper, insurance, education and babysitter. I stay. If I'm still single, already said my byes long time ago.

This is my life. Work, earn money, raise children and trying my very best to please God in everything that I do. Oh ya, almost forgotten, my husband too! hehe

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Michelle said...

Don't know if u know how to read Chinese, this is what I call, 知足常乐. Sometimes, you have low expectations, you're happier in a way, just that don't think of those negativities too much. Woman with family and kids is like that, u're tied down. Unless u want to be a brave modern woman to do sth for yourself! Keep up your good spirit, after all, no working place is perfect in the first place.