Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Coney Dog

Finally, I get to eat the A&W Coney Dog. Forgotten to take a snapshot of it. hmmmph.... Oh ya, I found A&W restaurant at Melaka Sentral thru their website. Thank God for Internet. hehehe... Well, the coney dog is small but sufficient for my huge and tight tummy. I like the texture of the sausage. Juicy. The gravy, tasted like McDonald's Prosperity Burger. I like that burger also. It's like eating the Prosperity Burger at the same time. Tips: go there on Tuesday, Coney Dog is RM1.00 cheaper. I still cannot find a really good hotdog here in Malacca. I tried 1901 but dislike the soury taste of mustard and the greenish stuff that they spread inside. KL people: any good hotdog outlet there?


aish said...

There are lots, i suppose. If you're really a hot dog fan, maybe u should think of german restaurants. Their sausages are fat, huge, and it could be long... or short... depending on preferences and types.

We human come in different shapes too, arent we? hehe

David Bong said...

hey Aish. How do you know that human German hotdogs come in different sizes and shapes? You tried already kah? hehehehe Tell us more about your experiences lah.