Monday, September 27, 2004

Annabelle Praying

We started teaching our dotdot to say grace before meal the moment she can utter some words. We also pray together almost every night before sleep. Yesterday, after bathing and before I put any clothes on her, she took her storybook, spread her leg out, put her hands together and behave as though she is praying. After that, she started reading the storybook in her own language! Later, I asked my hubby, did she ever notice you praying before reading your bible? He said "i don't think so". Maybe the past 3 weeks she has been observing her cousins praying before reading their bible.

Just now, after saying her goodbyes to her cousins who is leaving to Sabah
, I drove her to my mom's place. On the way there, I noticed her bowing down her head with both hands clasps together. Praying very intensely. Then I asked her, “you’re praying for Daddy (driving them to KLIA) and your cousins?" She just looks at me with her serious face. Ok. Let’s pray together for them. So I prayed and she ends it with her Amen.

PTL for Annabelle, I can see that our prayer that she will be more matured spiritually compared to her physical aged being answered.


Anonymous said...

Amen... continue to bring her up in the fear of the Lord.

aish said...

Wow, Hallelujah! i'm excited to hear that!

fl said...

just curious,
how old is Annabelle?

David Bong said...

Sweet Annabelle is only 17 months.

David Bong said...

Sweet Annabelle is only 17 months.