Monday, October 11, 2004


For everytime I pray, I move the hands of God,
My prayer does the things, My hand cannot do,
For everytime I pray, the mountains are removed
The path are make straight and nations turn to You...

The above song really minister to me...

Last week, had David's car repaired. Cost us RM320.00 but the performance still not good...Thinking of changing to recond engine when we have enough cash. At the same time my car air-cond compressor leaks but we just add in the gas which according to the mechanic, it can last 3 months. change new compressor will cost another RM300 plus. clutch has worn out. According to the mechanic, if only the bearing worn out, it will only cost around RM80++ to change. If the plate is effect too, then another RM100++ plus his workmanship RM100! At the same time we have a wedding invitation end of this month. Plus we need to save up some for the coming baby this December. Money, money, money... All is needed at the same time.

But I really praise God, He is a faithful God. He never fails us. Brother Andrew, blessed David with RM500 before he leave for Sabah and last Saturday, Sis Siew Lan, handed me RM200 for the insurance discount that we bought sometime ago which was not expected of. This will at least ease our financial burden. All praises be unto our Lord Jesus Christ!


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord. He is indeed the Provider... Jehovah Jireh. Continue to trust in Him. I'll pray for God's blessings upon you and your husband.

David Bong said...

yes dear... God will provide as He has always done so.

mIcHe said...

thanks Anonymous for your prayer... :)