Saturday, September 25, 2004

Bye Bye Cousins

My bro in law has been with us for almost 3 weeks with his 5 children, 11 mths old to 11 yrs old. My daughter really enjoyed their presence as she has been alone with us since birth. She loves smaller children, share her toys with them and knows how to entertain them at such a young age. Yesterday, she even played pee-ke-boo with her 11 mths old cousin, Natnat. Entertaining him who is trap in the playpen while my mum heats up his dinner. Oh ya, almost forgot to mention that my mom babysits my daughter and Natnat for these 3 weeks. Today is his last day with my mom as they are going back to Sabah this coming Monday. Kesian my fren to play with from Monday onwards. Got to wait for another 3 months for her own sibling to be born. She learns lots of new skills. She climbs more often, scream and cry louder (she used to be very soft spoken), know how to say thank you already "ah cute" (which we have been teaching her but to no avail until they came). She even sleeps at almost 12 midnight every night. That's also after much screaming and crying before dozing off (tak kamguan mo tidor). Waking up early the next morning due to the cousins' cries when I leave him with my mom. Overall, I really thank God for their presence for this 3 weeks. Latest news, my bro in law might be transfered back to Alor Gajah this December. Hope to see more of them...Posted by Hello

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