Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Car Air-Cond Gas Refill

Yesterday I sent my car to refill its air-cond gas because the air that comes out from the air-cond was only hot air. It cost me RM30 per refill. I was advise to leave the car there for thorough inspection because according to the mechanic, an empty air-cond gas tank means there is leakage. However, I can't leave my car there because they need a few hours to check and repair. I told him to just refill it and I'll come again during my off day. Today, the moment I switch on the air-cond, I smell chemical odour and the air-cond is hot! OMG! The leakage must be big. :( No choice but to admit my car to the workshop for repair but I have to find a car for me to use to work first. Youngest sister offered her on Monday. Meantime, driving without an air-cond. Praying that it won't rain when I am driving on the road.

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