Saturday, March 15, 2014

Automatic Car Cannot Start. What to do?

When I was driving a manual car, if the car cannot start, we can jump jump start it by pushing the car then go into gear 2. Unfortunately, the same cannot be applied to an auto car. That was what happened to my Daihatsu Ascend 2 days after it came out of the workshop. We have to call the same mechanic to repair it and it cost us another RM150 to change the electronic/electrical part that is related to the ignition. Then later I discovered that my car alarm is not working anymore! We have to drive to the mechanic shop again the next day and the mechanic's assistant found that the alarm wire was disconnected. It was free of charge as the boss was not around. I do not trust this kind of mechanic. It happened to us often. Send for a repair, came home to more repairs to be done. I wonder whether the mechanic purposely spoil some parts so that they can get more business. :(

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