Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Giving Extra Change

When hubby told me that one of my staffs is weak in Math, I did not expect him not knowing to do simple plus and minus and even with the help of the calculator. I went to test him the other day, true enough, with the help of calculator, he charged the customer less 10cts. 10cts may not be a lot to you but for our business, every cents counts coz a customer may comes in to photostate one piece of paper and that cost 10 cents. At first I thought maybe the calculator with many function that is the culprit. Once I got the wrong amount using the calculator and it was way lesser that the actual amount. So I changed to a simple calculator. Even that, my staff made mistake. The next day, I told him to use the POS system to enter all transaction but he did not do it. #frustrating# Wrote a note to him to tell him about it again. Will check on him again. *sigh*

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