Saturday, May 18, 2013

Car Repair Cost a Bomb

The problem with my Toyota Corolla KE 30 is with the brake. So we called the mechanic to repair it coz I dare not drive the car in that condition. The repair can't be done at home so the mechanic drove it home. He sent it back on the same day. He billed us RM200. I noticed that the brake fluid container is new but there is no brake fluid in it. They are on the floor! So we called him to take it back and after a day, it is repaired and another RM300 is being billed. Total repair cost was RM500! I was furious you know. He did not do a good job in the first place and when more repair needs to be done, he charged us double workmanship. Hubby said that it is an old car. One problem will lead to another. Oh well! No more sending to this mechanic. Anyway, the car goes to our new staff now. We plan to bless him with it if he works with us for more that 6 months.

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