Sunday, April 28, 2013

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Tablet Screen in Malaysia

3 days after owning a tablet, my 2yo daughter dropped my tablet onto the floor and the screen cracked instantly. The more I tab on the screen, the more cracks appeared. :( I was furious and kept on wondering how much does it cost to fix the tablet screen. A friend told me it is better to buy a new tablet than replacing it. I was so downhearted. It took me quite a while to save to buy one. So, I called the seller to check the cost to fix the tablet screen. Thank God she mentioned that it is about RM80. I sent my tablet back to to seller the next day and got it fix 3 days after day. The actual cost to fix the tablet screen is RM80 nett. Now, I am very careful when letting my 2yo play with my tablet. I watch her like a hawk and not let her walk around with it.

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