Thursday, March 28, 2013

Car Repair Cost

Let me tell you how much is the cost for the car repair. It is a whopping RM755! We never pay this much for a repair. We did pay for more than 1k but that was to change the whole engine and repaint my car to metallic silver. I almost choke my rice when hubby told me the repair cost. I see arh, the mechanic arh, just did trial and error only. Change this part, RM200...still cannot start. Change another part, RM200...still cannot start and then change another part, RM200...arh...can start. Those previous changed cannot undo/remove coz bought already mah. Yup, the mechanic buys the part as and when he wants to use it. Thanks to his "expertise" we have to pay RM755 for something that would just cost RM200. :(

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