Monday, March 04, 2013

Piano Movers From Batu Pahat To Melaka

To transport a huge and heavy piano requires special mover. Not any kind of lorry can load and unload a piano without damaging it. Firstly, it must be a covered lorry with a haulage. The transporter must also know how to take very good care of the piano. For this we have to pay a large sum to transport a piano from one destination to another. We paid RM420 to bring an old and heavy acoustic piano from Batu Pahat to our home in Melaka. If you need the transporter contact number, leave me a comment and I'll reply you. :)


Ee Lin Lee said...

Hi I wish to have the contact number, can you provide to me ? As I need them to sent my piano from batu pahat to kl. Thank you.

Ee Lin Lee said...

Can I have the contact number ? I need to sent my piano from batu pahat to KL. Thanks.

Michelle said...

Mr. Lau :017 777 2959