Monday, February 11, 2013

Force Saving

Buying a car on credit is a force saving. If you want to save then buy a car in cash, in will never happen. Try your best to cut down expenses so that you can buy a car. Those are the words of advise uttered by my BILs. As much as I want to own a bigger and newer car, we just can't afford one yet. There is no way in cutting down our expenses. We are living on the minimum budget. I have reduced buying disposable diapers by cloth diapering my babies and saved on milk powder by fully breastfeeding my babies till they turn 2yo. We reduced on petrol by riding motorbike work (hubby). We buy small fish and once in a while chicken when the price is cheap. I hardly buy new clothes for my children because we received quite a lot of hand-me-downs clothing. I only go shopping for groceries. We do not have Astro and hardly watch TV at home. We hardly dine outside except on Sunday for lunch with a budget of less than RM30 for the whole family. Oh ya! With all those, we still do not have extra for saving. Sometimes we do not have enough to cover for our minimum monthly expenses. But God has been good, we never starve before. It is easier to force yourself to save if you have a fix income. When I was still working, I can budget my income every month to the last cents. I have savings. Once I resigned and depends on hubby's business income, I still have budget, that is as mentioned above. To spend as minimal as possible. Well, we believe, in due time God will help us fulfill our desire to won a bigger and newer car. He has never fail us before.

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noor said...

I love reading your blog, found yours when I was looking for ELBA electric oven. I know, the car price is exhorbitant, overly priced. I earn quite a lot, but I don't to commit to unnecessary loan. So, I resort to ride on VIVA (with only 3 kids that is fine with us). GE is around the corner, I determine to choose the opposition, things have been overly priced, take for example even chicken price now is at RM8 per kg. My colleagues keep proposing for higher salary to our employer (we earn really a lot, I believe most of us earn more than RM100k a year or at least nearly). There is no point for higher income, when the basic needs are overly priced. It will not do justice to those who has lower income. GE is around the corner, so, let your voice heard.