Saturday, May 19, 2012

Toyota Corolla KE 30 Spare Parts

We just sent our old junk Toyota Corolla KE 30 for repair. It started with a change of tyre to which we discovered that the front absorber need to be changed. Even though the Toyota Corolla KE 30 Spare Parts are not as costly as other cars but it still gives us a pinch especially when we are very tight financially now. :( Here's the price of changing the front absorber of a Toyota Corolla KE 30: Front Absorber - RM200 Front Absorber Mounting - RM150 Suspension Bush - RM80 Steering Rod Bush - RM20 Pump Suspension Bush - RM45 Balancing - RM30 Hubby just told me that the car feels better but his pocket does not feel good. :(

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