Thursday, May 03, 2012

Money drop from the Coconut Tree

In my kampung, we can sell one coconut, without peeling it off at RM1 per coconut. One day, we can collect around 2-3 coconuts, that is RM2-3. Let's multiply that by 30 days. That's RM60-RM90 per month. That's free money BUT it is first come first serve basis. Our neighbour will come to hunt for the coconut too even though the coconut trees are in our house compound. They claim that their grandfather planted the coconut trees even though some of them are planted by hubby's dad. So I let her collect lar. Whenever the coconut dropped when I'm out of the house, I'll go pick it up. I won't wake up early in the morning to race with her to see who can get hold of the coconut first. I'm not greedy.

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