Monday, March 19, 2012

6D5N for RM80 only

I spent 6D5N; bed, breakfast, lunch tea-break and dinner at only RM80. The downside is, I am not allowed to leave the building, not even the dorm I am staying for that duration. Can guess where did I stay? Ya, I spent the school holiday in GH. Not Genting Highland but General Hospital! :( Thank God I was allowed to sign myself out on Saturday. If not, I'll still be there for another week! It was my first experience staying in the hospital feeling as healthy as I can be except for the sleep deprived. Tell me, who can get a good night rest in the hospital? With all the ins and outs of patients and their family even in the wee hour, babies crying almost throughout the day and the nurses that comes to check your BP every 2 hourly. Anyway, Praise God that everything is fine now. Will know whether everything is still alright this coming Thursday.

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