Monday, December 26, 2011

Need Extra Cash for CNY

Christmas is over. So does our budget. Due to the recent family gathering, we have spent the amount that we would usually spend for CNY. Now, we need to find extra cash to cover that up. If not, we might need to owe the credit card company again. :( Selling teflon hose can be a good idea but I do not have the time to drive from factory to factory to promote my product. Hubby is asking me to take order for pineapple tarts and start sewing bags again if there is an order. I am not so sure whether my back will allow me to sit for long hours. Even now, I am suffering from backache. I can't even carry my 11mo baby without feeling the pain. I pray that God will take away the backache soon. I really need to raise RM500 within a month.

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