Friday, June 10, 2011

11 Puppies

In beginning there was 12 puppies. One died after a heavy rain. Poor puppy. It must be the weakest amongst the 12. And now we are down to 11 puppies and they are all cute, chubby and healthy.

After the heavy rain, we moved the puppies to our car porch. They are sheltered from rain and sun. They place where they mommy loves to hang out during the night.

Unfortunately as they grown bigger, they poop more and their poop stinks too. Their mommy stopped eating their poop too. I started looking for ways to get rid of their poop odor at I looked for odor removal tips from the website then hubby suggested that it is best we moved them to our store house so that they can poop at the ground just outside the store house. And we did that.

No more stinking car porch. :D