Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cheapest 8 course wedding luncheon

On Easter we had the cheapest 8 course wedding luncheon. We attended an Easter Sunday Evangelistic Service followed by lunch. The service and lunch were held in a school hall. We paid RM10 only for each person. The actual cost per person is RM16; RM6 is subsided by our church. It is only RM160 per table!

The menu is as below and the food taste delicious too.

1. 5 Season Cold Dish
2. Steamed Herbal Chicken
3. Assam Siakap Fish
4. Steamed Buns with Stewed Pork
5. Fried Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaf
6. Braised Baby Bok Choi with abalone mushroom
7. Fried Prawns
8. A small box of Ice Cream each

And there were only 3 adults and 6 children at our table. My family and a father with his 2 young girls. Their have to leave to go somewhere after the 5th course. Hubby and I ate until we surrender. I even pack some prawns home! hahahaha. Time for creatine powders!!!

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