Friday, March 25, 2011

Electricity Bill Not Paid Again!

My current tenant have not pay 3 months of electricity bill amount RM1600++. When called he told hubby that he has no money and he will pay by the 18th the 2 months outstanding. He paid his rental though. Since 18th is on Friday, we waited till Monday to check online whether he has paid or not. Monday came and no sign of payment. I called the management to cut their electricity supply. Surprisingly neither hubby nor the management receive any call from them asking about the electricity supply. On Tuesday, I check the bill online and the amount has increased to RM1600 due to current bill that has just been updated on that day.

We still have not receive any call from them or payment being made to TNB. Hubby has sent sms to them to pay or leave the apartment by this weekend.

I hope their deposit amount is enough to cover for the outstanding bills. If not, I need to write more hydroxycut reviews to get the extra cash to pay for the bills again!