Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Carcass Smell in My Car's Air-Cond

The moment I switch on the air-cond in my old junk, I smell a very foul smell; like a carcass smell. Did any of my kids step on a dead rat or lizard? Maybe a lizard got smashed when we tried closing the door. After checking, both did not occur.

When the air-cond is not switched on, there is no foul smell. So we suspected something died in the car's air-cond. But what is it? Is it a dead rat? A dead cat? or A dead snake??? If we want to find out, we could send the car to the mechanic to get it opened up and remove the carcass. That will cost us money which we have very little. :(

Since I only use the car in the morning whereby I did not switch on the air-cond, we just leave it as it is and hopefully after a month, the foul smell will be gone.

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Evelyn Laiyap said...

This happened to the kancil before.. betul2 ada tikus mati!! @_@.., we sent the car for cuci.. but.. the worker pun geli mau cuci.. hahhahaha :D .. but I forgot.. how did we get rid of it :D