Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time to Buy More School Shoes

Our family maid is leaving end of this month and we will be maidless for at least 2 months before the new maid arrives. Come September, I will be the "Maid of Honour". :P This time around, I can't just leave the house unattended because MIL is around. I have to cook, sweep and wash every day. So I need to minimize those not so important chores; meaning those that I need to do weekly like washing my girls' school shoes. With just 2 pairs of shoes, I need to wash them every weekend. I am thinking to buy 2 more pairs of school shoes for my girls so that I need only to wash them twice a month. Due to my busyness with my handmade bags now, I wish I can just buy the girls' shoe online like this girls shoes online store.

Another reason to buy more school shoes is because my eldest daughter wants to get reward for being the neatest student in her class every day, if possible. It is easy to be neat from top to knee length but not at the bottom. The boys especially love to kick and step on other students’ shoes that are clean. They just can’t resist the temptation of white sparkling shoes. How I wish school shoe can be black in colour instead of white. You know what? In the schools here, only prefects are allowed to wear black school shoes but not the other students. Oh well, that’s the rules here and due to this kinda ruling, we mommies have to spend more money buying school shoes for our children.

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