Friday, July 09, 2010

Genting Highland Resort Getaway

We finally made it a point to go for a short family holiday in 2 weeks time. I picked Genting Highland coz it will be fun for the children and I can get good room deal from a good friend of mine.

We were given an option to go whether this weekend or next 2 weekend. We picked next 2 weekend hoping that one of hubby's part-time could work the whole day on Friday.

And you know what? Today he worked till 7pm! And tomorrow he will work till 6pm then another part-time will continue till closing. We should have picked this weekend to go to Genting!

Thank God that we did not pick this weekend coz almost everyone is down with cold. if we are there now, my children and I will have difficulty breathing.

So now, we are praying that in 2 weekend time, both part-timers will have the same working schedule as this week. :)

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