Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Practical Engagement Gift

I still remember vaguely about my engagement day. There was an exchange of rings at my parent’s house and later in the evening we had an engagement party at hubby’s house. It was also hubby’s birthday on that day. So we had 2 in 1 celebration. Our engagement party was mostly attended by our church members and a few of hubby’s close university friends; most of them are girls. Hmmm…I wonder whether some of them got broken hearted that hubby chose me instead of one of them. Hehehe.

I got a lot of gift for my engagement day and most of them are not practical except for the photo albums and bedsheet set. The reason they are not practical because I am staying with my MIL and I don’t need more plates and saucers. And we are not a coffee drinker so a coffee maker is still sitting in our cupboard as a display item. I don’t feel nice giving it away coz it is a gift for us.

To me, I would rather ask the couple what they need before I send the couple a gift for their engagement or I would just give them cash and they can use it to buy the things that they really need.

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