Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year's Vacation

This morning, my blogs made me panicked for a lil while. I have assignments to complete but all my Wordpress blog refused to publish my post. I texted my webhost to check out the problem but there was none. He can publish from his side and asked me to try. I tried and my post was published. That is really weird. I told him, maybe God wants me to talk to him before he goes to the all inclusive vacation that he has been saving for.

He told me that he has been saving for this all inclusive vacation package for a few years and only this year he is able to go. Good for him.

I must start saving for a vacation for my family this year. Caribbean vacation would be wonderful but I don't think I can afford to bring all the 6 of us there. If I ever go there, it will just be hubby and I; 2nd honeymoon. ;)

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