Wednesday, August 26, 2009

4 More Computers

We have just added another four units of computers to the cyber café. Due to the rising demands of the services, hubby decided that it would be best to buy additional four units. No, we do not buy all of it by cash. We used credit card that provides interests free 12 months installment payment. One good tips I learnt from hubby about buying computers is that you must do your research about the product. Search online in places like Shopwiki and learn all you can about the product and you will have a better picture of what you will be buying. Search for different types of ergocomic keyboard that is good for your fingers and health. Or search for printers that best fits your expected usage. Don’t just buy the “all in one” printer if you do not intend to use the scanning and faxing features.

Another tips is to buy according to your needs and not according to what the salesperson ask you to buy. The computer supplier cannot provide CRT monitors for the four units of computers as they only provide LCD monitors. So we just bought the units without the monitors and then search for the CRT monitors in other shops. We do not want to use LCD monitors as the cyber-café customers especially the young ones tend to touch the screen and CRT monitors are not easily damaged and easier to clean than LCD monitors.

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