Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sales Picking Up

Praise the Lord that the business sales are picking up. I think mainly because the boss is there. When boss is not around, sales goes into the staff’s pocket and the staff will never go the extra mile to help the customer

But my hubby arh, when sales pick up, he will have lots of plan to spend the money! Buy more computers, change to LCD monitors, buy coloured photostate machine, buy this, buy that and ended up with no income by month end!

Dear husband, take is easy can? Let the money sit in the bank for a month or two. At least when the debt collection people come, you have money to pay. We do not know what will happen in a month or two. The sales might slow down again and we need the previous month income to cover the expenses of the coming months.

If you want to capitalize your profit, at least wait till after the accounting year ends. By then you will know whether you really make money in that year. As it is, he is so impatient to spend the money that he sees. Then during months where the income is low, he will start scratching his head. :P

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