Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Buying Cloth Diapers from China

I took the risk of buying another 10 sets of Cloth Diapers from China. The risk was, the transaction was done outside eBay. It was much cheaper buying direct because according to the seller, eBay charges high transaction fee and he can only give the price I requested if we deal direct.

This seller has lots of good feedback in eBay so I close both eyes and send him the money through Paypal. That was on Sunday, the next day, he sent me picture of the Cloth Diapers that I bought and then the wrapped package with the EMS slip on it with my address written on it. He gave me the tracking code too and the EMS website for me to check the status of the delivery.

My package left Beijing only on the 2nd (Thursday) and I received it yesterday, 7th. They take flight or ship arh???

Anyway, I was so relief to receive the Cloth Diapers. =)

Sent an email to inform the seller and bargain the price lower for another 10pcs or more. He agreed. =D Now I got to wait for my orders.

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