Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cute Tape

When I was hospitalized recently, my right hand was inserted with the needle for the nurses to administer antibiotic into my body. They used normal white tape to secure the needle.

Right before they push me out of the ward into the OT, the nurse pumps in 2 syringes of antibiotic and she did it too fast that it hurts so much and when I arrived at the OT, my right hand started to swell.

The scrub nurse in the OT removed the needle from my right hand and inserted a new one on my left and they use a tape with picture of cute teddy bear to secure the needle. It is so cute.

At first I was, this must be for the children that need to be operated but according to one nurse in the ward, that kind of tape can only be found in OT. She worked 10 years in Paediatric ward and never seen one before.

I wonder whether their kinesio tape comes with cute teddy bear too. I guess, making a patient relax and happy in very important in an OT.

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