Monday, May 18, 2009

Cheap Books

On my wedding anniversary last week, I finally managed to enter a bookshop. I have wanted to buy a novel or two to keep my mind working and also improve my English but I ended up buying story books for my children at RM4.90 each. That's the cheap head cover and hard page book. As for books and novels for adult, it easily fetch more than RM30. I think that is one of the reasons Malaysian seldom read; books are expensive.

Just take a look at borders may 2009 sale. Most are their books are priced less than £15. No wonder when you visit any English home, their house will be filled with books.

Anyway, I still want to buy a novel or two. So, I went to redeem my credit card points for a local bookshop voucher. I hope that can buy me at least 2 books. My need mission is to visit the public library. I have not been there since they move to the new place and bigger building. My children have been pestering me to bring them to the library. They have not seen or been in a library before! Looks like that will be our next family outing destination. I wonder whether they have a place for mommies to breastfeed! Hah!

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