Monday, April 27, 2009

Flight To Kuching Booked

We are finally flying to Kuching after all.

Before my baby came out, I saw the RM29 promotion by AirAsia. Hubby gave the green light to go ahead with the booking but my baby is still in my tummy then; no name, no birth cert.

By the time we got registered his name, the date that we wanted has no more RM29 promotion. Yesterday, my sister in Kuching managed to find another earlier date but it is during weekdays.

I quickly grabbed it because my purpose to go to Kuching is to let my children experience flying in an aeroplane; not so much of sightseeing.

For RM650, 5 Adults and 1 Infant will be flown to Kuching this July. Good bargain or not? =D

1 comment:

Big Pumpkin said...

a good deal indeed!