Friday, April 10, 2009

Every Seconds of His Life

If you follow my children's blog then you will know how chatty my almost 3yo son is. Sometimes I want to tell him to stop talking but of course I didn't do that. He started talking pretty late compared to his sisters whom can speak by their 1st birthday. This son of mine only starts talking at 21 months. And once he starts, he speeds all the way, non-stop. Sometimes it is very exhausting for us but we are enjoying every moment of it. I felt so worth it quitting my job and being able to witness his growing ups every seconds of his life.

I am sure he can be a good Massachusetts OUI Lawyer or any lawyer for that matter. I wonder whether he will grow up to follow his daddy's footstep, stick to his career, become a successful lawyer and owned his own law firm. Be rich and take care of Mommy like what he likes to say.

Anyway, for all my children, I hope their will gain skills that will be useful in serving God. Be it a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher or even a farmer; as long as they can use this skill to serve His people, we will be a proud parents.

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