Thursday, March 05, 2009

Oh Yes! Adsense Removed The Payment Hold too

Another good news in this week is, Adsense finally removed the "Payment Hold". Unfortunately, it was done after the 15th of last month so I can only get my payment end of next month. That is during my confinement period. Confinement or no confinement, when it comes to money, I will head to the bank to claim it! I have waited too long for this. LOL.

I wonder whether Adsense engaged a reputable it consulting company. It took them almost 6 months to remove the Hold. Each time when I email their Support to lift the Hold, all I got was an auto-response that my account is ok and the pin number that I entered is correct which got nothing to do with the reason of the payment hold.

No human would reply to my email. I did check out their forum, it seems that everyone else was complaining about the same thing. And no response from Adsense team also. So, we were advised to just pray hard and wait. That was just what I did, I prayed.

God knows I really need the extra cash for my coming baby and the cash is coming in just in time. Isn’t He amazing? =)

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