Thursday, March 05, 2009

I Won S$120 Shopping Vouchers

This is really a good week for me.

I just found out last night that I am the Grand Prize winner of online shopping website selling imported children's clothing. For that I got S$120 to shop at their online store.

What did I do to win the contest? With a help from a friend, we wrote a post about the website and promote their products. I won not because of what we wrote though. It was a lucky draw. I am lucky after all even though I don’t believe in luck but God’s blessings.

But then arh, there is nothing much there that interest me except to buy a swim pants for my 3yo son. A friend suggested to just claim whatever I can get and re-sell them through her online store. Good idea also ya. =) But it will be better if I can find someone who wants to shop there and just sell my voucher to her. With the cash that I get, I can other things for myself instead of baby coz this is No.4 child, almost everything the baby has already.

I could buy more puzzles or beautiful artwork which will end up in Art Storage company if we move but then at least I can buy something for myself.

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