Friday, March 27, 2009

24 Hours is Not Enough

Yesterday, I went to apply for termination of my home Streamyx line. When asked how long they will take to terminate the internet line, the officer told me within 24 hours. She did the termination online at around 10.30am so I presumed that I won't be online anymore after 10.30am today.

Lo and behold, I am still blogging from home at this time. Looks like Friday is not an official working day for them. Either they are lazy chatting away about treatment for acne, about their kids, about their neighbours etc or there are too many users terminating their line since their service sucks big time lately.

Now I understand why the officer told me to wait till Monday or Tuesday to apply for the transfer.

I should be happy right since I can still be online till Monday. Anyway, hubby already faxed the documents for the transfer just now. Hope his friend would be able to expedite the transfer. :)

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