Monday, December 08, 2008

Will We Ever Buy Another Car

Yesterday we went to Kenny Rogers for dinner and brought our maid along. This is the 2nd time we treat her a meal at Kenny Rogers. The first time was when she first came to work with us and now a treat for her AidilAdha celebration.

When it comes to eating out, we never buy something cheaper for her to eat. If we eat at KFC, she will have her own set of meal. At McD, I even gave her the choice between burgers and fried chicken; she chose fried chicken of course.

Anyway, on our way home hubby was discussing whether we should really buy a used Toyota Unser or a Naza Ria. We are not blessed like one of my BILs who gets Car Allowance from his company to buy new car every 5 years so we have to settle with driving used car.

I was telling hubby that Unser suits our style of driving better. We don't like to "groom" our cars, our village road condition needs a tougher car and he drives quite recklessly. hehe.

Well, it is just a thought only. We talk about buying used car and new car many times. We even almost buy a Proton Persona but ended not still driving our old junks. We will see how God blesses us next year. =)

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