Monday, November 03, 2008

Latest News From Ex-Company

I just heard not so good news from my youngest sister about the company I was previously attached too. The girl that took over my position is my sister's good friend and she called my sister and cried due to work pressure and indifferent treatment towards her!

When I heard this, I felt pity for her. I didn't expect that things will be more difficult after I left. I was hoping that they will learn from their mistakes and be better bosses. But it seems that everything is becoming bad to worse.

You know what, the Admin Exec. is not even allowed to check the company email because the bosses said that her English is not good enough to reply emails! According to my ex-colleague (who is also my aunt), the Admin Asst. who is supposed to reply emails doesn't possessed good English either. Not up to my standard of English, she said. I find my English is very simple and straight forward! Like that hire the new york it services . Guaranteed good and professional English.

Oh ya! That Admin Asst. resigned today because she cannot stand the calculativeness of the bosses! Hah! It seems that the Admin Exec. is also planning to resign soon.

I wonder what will happened to that company. The best, call their daughters back from Australia and work for them!

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