Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Party Ideas

We went to Mydin just now to look for a pair of slip-on for my daughter because she kept squeezing her big feet into her cousin's slip-on. Unfortunately, we went to the wrong place. The shoe was not bought there but at Bunga Raya; that place is another part of the town.

Since we have time before hubby starts work again at 10pm, we just window shop and I saw a few items that are perfect and cheap for Christmas present. But I did not buy them yet because I have yet to plan on how many to buy.

Next I have to think of Christmas Party Ideas . Christmas won't be fun without any party right? Especially when you have kids and big family that love to gather during festive season.

If you do not want to crack your head to think about how to have your Christmas party or you are not creative enough like me, check put www.celebrations.com. There, everything is laid out for you. From party themes, to decoration, to food and to gifts and games idea. There are so many to choose from and I hope I can afford to hold a party every month!

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