Friday, November 07, 2008

Breadmaker for Sale

I bought this Breakmaker from Cosway at RM199.99. Since then I have only use it less than 10 times!

I maybe a bread eater but other family members are not into it. They prefer rice.

So, if there is any taker, I am willing to let it go at RM150 excluding delivery charges.



shooi said...

I was thinking of getting this breadmaker. We have bread for breakfast every weekend, so hubb said even if we will just use it once a week, then is also good.

Is it useful?

Michelle said...

if u eat bread every weekend then i would suggest you get one too. very easy to bake a bread using this...dump everything inside...set timer...when u wakes up in the morning, ur whole house will smell of fresh bread. :)

Anonymous said...

hi Michelle, are you still want to sell your bread maker? i'm interest to buy. pls contact me at