Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Best of Time and The Worst of Time

As we walk passed by the beach, we saw a group of school boys wearing their Cadet uniform. Hubby turned to look at them for a while. The expression on his face shows that he is reminiscing his past.

I know he was a Cadet in his school. I didn’t recall seeing him in his Cadet uniform before. By the time I first met him, he was already out from school but I know that he was a Cadet Sergeant and that was why he had a fit body.

I turned to him to ask why. He just shakes his head. But instead of stopping there, he continued and said, “I miss the old days.” I was surprised and inquire further, “What old days?”. “I missed the days when I can jog for miles and still feel energetic. Those were the days when I wear the uniform and look smart in it. I even have a full set of army clothing including the 5.11 Range Bag. But then, those were the days. It was the time of time and the worst of time.”

I turned to him and asked, “Why is that so?” He said that it was “the best of time” because he has the energy. The body and the zeal to conquer the world. I smirked at him but he just smile. He said that was what he thought when he was young; thinking that he can conquer the whole world, no worries and no heavy burden.

As for “the worst of time”, he sighed and said, “It was the worst of time because I was poor and with no girlfriend. No one wants to date a poor guy.” I smiled and laughed at him because he is still poor when I dated him. But I am not a material girl; I fell in love with his good character and tough built body.

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