Sunday, October 26, 2008

Apartment Rented but Need More Money To Spend

My apartment is finally rented but we need to spend a lot to get the apartment ready before the tenant move in this Nov 1, 2008.

The tenant wants a water heater and a new sink. Don’t ask me why they need a new sink. I can’t comprehend that either! Hubby can’t comprehend that either but because they really wanted it and hubby wants the deal to be made, he just agreed with it. Maybe it is because the student’s parent was there that he wants it replaced, just to please the parents. I think it has something to do with their culture or something like that that I may not understand. Whatever it is, it is better to come out just a little extra than waiting for another month without any tenant.

Besides that hubby also discovered that the ceiling fan and refrigerator are not working. One of the air-cond needs to be repaired too. Now we have to find ways to come out the extras. Our savings are low now that I stopped working. One option is to use their deposit money to spend for all the above. Either that or apply for average credit card with instant approval coz we need the cash really urgently.

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