Thursday, September 04, 2008

Princess and Her Artist Mom

You know the movie Princess Diaries? The movie was out a few years ago and recently it was show on Astro Disney Chanel. My 5yo daughter was so excited to watch the movie because all girls like Princess. Unfortunately, her grandfather wanted to watch the news and she have to give in. She was grumbling to me and told me to buy the DVD. Long time already, dunno whether the DVD is still sold out there.

I did some magic and manage to download the movie using BitComet. It took 2 days for it to complete. Thank God we are downloading other movies at the same time, if not buying a DVD would be cheaper.

In the movie, the Princess is so blessed to have a mother who is an artist and the way she creates her art is so interesting. She filled balloons with all sort of colours, hang them on a huge canvas and use the dart to pop the balloon and the colours will be all smeared on the canvas. It looks so much fun doing that. Maybe one day, I would try with my own children.

With the canvas so huge, I guess they have to hire an art moving company if they ever need to move. I don't think it would fit in a normal truck unless she folds it.

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