Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Working in an Internet Cafe

All geared up to start my day at hubby's internet cafe; my laptop - hoping that some angels will buzz me when opp pops up, Boh Peppermint tea to keep me awake and Gloves in the Bottle to keep my hands moist.

Besides internet, we provide other services like photostating, printing, faxing, laminating, binding and typing.

Monday is the busiest day of the week with lots of customer coming to photostate; that is my department.

Some may think that working in an internet cafe is easy; can blog all the time. You are totally wrong. I did not have time to bloghop or write any assignments which I thought I could. I too had the wrong impression about working in an internet cafe.

Now I won't sulk when hubby said he has no time to blog when he is working. He is actually working!

Even with me helping him with the photostating, by 5pm both of us are exhausted!

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